Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why are they Terrible?

There are two ways a questionnaire might be Terrible:

•    It’s uninteresting and difficult to answer, which is Terrible from a respondent’s point of view

•    It fails to collect useful data, which is Terrible from a marketer’s point of view

I’m going to focus on the uninteresting and difficult to answer problem. Because notwithstanding poorly defined research objectives, I can’t think of any other variable that could have as much impact on the usefulness of the data as an uninteresting and difficult to answer questionnaire.

Most of the Terrible Questionnaires in my folder are similarly Terrible: 

    They’re too long,

    They have impossible grids to cope with (sometimes several pages of them) and, 

    Most of them, quite patently, haven’t been test driven.

Over the next few blogs, I’m going to work on some guidelines to avoid the pitfalls of Terrible Questionnaires.

Stay tuned…

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