Thursday, May 15, 2008

Strategic research

What is it exactly?

I can think of a few possible definitions:

-     Research that helps guide or develop a marketing or business strategy, eg sizing or scoping a market, etc

-     Research that’s part of a marketing strategy, eg refining an offer, communications research, etc

-     Research to confirm that a strategy is on strategy, eg customer feedback, etc

Now if you ask me (go on), that just about covers all research. So all research is, one way or another, strategic – is it not?

It bugs me when my industry colleagues flap on about doing ‘strategic’ research. 

Yes – I get that adding the word ‘strategic’ can make the research sound like a superior kind of research compared with just calling it market research. But scratch a little deeper and it really doesn’t tell you very much. Because get a grip and here’s some news: market research is strategic by default!

Hmmm…glad I got that off my chest.

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