Monday, June 23, 2008


The issue here isn’t the frameworks per se. Most are probably grounded in sound theory and I’ve no doubt that some high quality thinking goes into developing them. All good. In theory.

But real life just doesn’t work to a framework. When we’re actually in the field, or doing analysis, how can these products be anything but a hindrance?

This is what happens when you squeeze an unpredictable output into a pre-defined framework:

-       You’re likely to change its potential shape and direction, according to the framework.

-       You’re likely to miss an opportunity because you weren’t looking for it within the framework.

-       You’re likely give undue weighting to a particular finding, because you were looking for it within the framework.

Blinkered thinking.

Buyers beware. No matter how erudite and/or elegant the framework appears to be, unless it’s been built from scratch, around your unique and specific research issues, save yourself time and money: you might as well ask for the debrief before you do the research.

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