Monday, August 18, 2008

Band-aid Qualitative Research

A quick read. Fast turnaround. Need a topline by Wednesday.

I haven’t quantified this trend, but based on our sample of one (Zebra!), there seem to be a lot more of these types of projects around.

I put it down to two key reasons:

1. The nature of our clients’ subject matter (Web 4.0 anyone?). On this front, it’s all about faster, more efficient, leaner…

2. The seeming trend to forgo strategy research upfront. Invariably, this means a lot more last minute jitters and what is, essentially, band-aid research.

Well, you shouldn’t have been running on the asphalt. Research could have told you where the grass was greener in the first place.


Kelly Tall said...

hey Katie - Kelly here from TLE. how are you? Just stunbled on your blog today and have had a read - great posts! Hope you are well!

Katie Harris said...

Hi Kelly!
Thank you! Great to see you drop by. All is well in Zebra-land...Hope all is well with you.

Julian Cole said...

Web 4.0, Katie did you just coin the next shift?!?!?! ; )

Katie Harris said...

LOL. But apparently, no:


Maybe I should've gone with Web 5.0...

; )

EulerTourist1969 said...

There you go, you're on record as having phrased it first. Web V.