Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The social media marketing front(ier)

I went to a fantastic session this morning put on by AIMIA, all about social media marketing (SMM): great speakers, great content and a lot of food for thought.

I thought Julian raised a very interesting point in his presentation: there’s a lot more to SMM than just starting a conversation. You have to hang in there to develop the relationship. Be there for the long run. Listen and respond. Give a little of yourself. Add value.

Of course, this isn’t a SMM issue per se. Regardless of the technology they use, some brands seem to be more genuinely interested and concerned and open to what their customers say – ready to respond and adapt accordingly – than others. All things being equal, I’d bet the former would have a much more successful SMM experience than the latter.

But what’s a ‘more successful’ SMM experience? What should we be measuring here? 

As always, it depends on the marketing objectives. But here’s the exciting bit: in this dynamic, unbridled space, the marketing objectives themselves need to shift, considerably, from how we’ve defined them in the past. 


Julian Cole said...

Hey Katie,

It was good seeing you the other day, measuring SMM experience is a really hard question that needs to be tackled but I think as a community of smart thinkers we should give this hard question a stab.

Look forward to catching up in the future, at more events.


Katie Harris said...

Jules - good to see you too and again, great talk!

Re: measurement. I'm sure we can and should crack this: it'll be a big budget decider after all.

I think part of it will be understanding, and somehow defining, what seems to be a new and different kind of brand equity. Watching how it manifests itself. It’s still a process in process.

Definitely looking forward to catching up again. I can't make the JJ meet - would have LOVED to have been there. I reckon you'll all be making some kind of history tonight! Have fun and be sure to post about it.