Thursday, August 28, 2008

The times they are a-changin' (again)

My bookmark bar keeps changing. I now have a totally different bookmark bar to the one I had even a month ago.

BBC, SMH, ABC, etc – gone to the sidelines. Even the weather’s been bumped from prime position.

New diggs on the block; Google Reader, facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed, Diigo, Addict-o-matic (heard about this via the amazing Gavin Heaton).

What’s changed?

I can now get micro-relevant content. Me-centric information. Katie-focussed bites.

I can subscribe to feeds and sites that tell me what’s happening in my world, in words, sounds and images that have personal meaning. And for the first time, today I checked facebook before I checked the weather.

Yep. The world’s changing (again).

But the changes we’re seeing with Web 2.0 (and beyond) are different: subtle at times, penny dropping at others, but without shadow of a doubt, different.


For sure, Web 2.0 is sparking change at a mass social/community level. But – and this is what’s different – it’s sparking change in a personally noticeable and shout-worthy way at the individual level too.

Exciting stuff. This, indeed, is a new age of conversation.


Gavin Heaton said...

Thanks Katie ... isn't interesting that once you begin to immerse yourself in this web 2.0 world that it begins to change the way that you think and work?

Katie Harris said...

Hi Gavin

Absolutely! It's interesting in itself, interesting in terms of the implications it has for market-research (and the marketing world at large), and absolutely fascinating from a personal perspective.

And what's even more wonderful (and exhilaratingly scary) is that the change is ongoing: (r)evolutionary.

Jye Smith said...

Went through the very same changes some time ago. I'm compelled to share as much as I can.

Katie Harris said...

Hi Jye

It's definitely a (mind) space that fosters sharing and collaboration.

I think the following captures some of the essence beautifully:


Katie Harris said...

Here's the original link: