Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Aaron Sorkin's getting it for free!

There’s been some talk of a facebook movie with Aaron Sorkin (the West Wing screenwriter) being involved.

One way he’s doing his research is through a group on facebook.

Fantastic. Just look at all the data he’s collecting!

At last count there were:

-  6115 members (including me!)

-  56 discussion topics (mostly user generated)

-  648 wall posts

All of this will provide him with rich, detailed and focused feedback.

My mind is spinning. Not only is he collecting a wealth of data, but it’s probably pretty good stuff too. While there may be a possible ‘facebook’ effect, there’s minimal research effect: I’m guessing people are just telling it like it is.

What price would you put on this kind of data? Whether you’re a research buyer or supplier: think about that for a moment.

Well, guess what? It’s FREE! Gratis.

*Stops dead in tracks*

All this information, and for free? Isn’t this OUR manor? The researchers’ realm? Are we being ousted? Should we be worried?

I have my own point of view on this, but I’d be fascinated to hear what others think before I post…so any researchers reading this, please feel free to comment!


EulerTourist1969 said...

Yeah, bit is it scalable? it only works if there are many sources and few sinks...no?

Katie Harris said...

Hi eulertourist1969

It depends on what kind of information you're interested in. If you want numbers, you need scalability (replicability, validity and all those other -ity-quanty things). But if you're asking qualitative questions, this is like GOLD!



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