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Friday, September 12, 2008

Get jiggy with it

So, following on again from the last post: what to do?!

You can’t just read up on this stuff (although it’s useful to do so, and I’ll be compiling a list of good porcupine reads of relevance over time).

Reading is not enough because successful Web 2.0 case studies have a very limited shelf-life. By the time you read about it, it’s probably going to be just that little bit yesterday.

But more importantly, it’s outrageously limiting to develop strategies a la text-book case study, because it’s virtually (hahaha) impossible to know what's possible in this space. The exciting thing about Web 2.0 is the potential to stretch, and even create, new boundaries.

I think the very best, and possibly the only, way to really understand the world of Web 2.0 is to get involved. Become a participant. Wander the web. Weave your way through a community of blog rolls. Leave a comment. Twitter. Get a feel for the fussy, yet forgiving nature of Web 2.0 etiquette. In essence, in case you haven’t already heard the phrase; join the conversation. 

What I’m suggesting isn’t new. It’s still all about understanding your customers. It’s just that to do so in a Web 2.0 savvy way, companies, brands, marketers, researchers, you, we need to get more involved than perhaps we're used to.